CEO speech

Chief executive officer

Professor / Mansour bin Aqeel Al-Ammar Al-Shammari

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hail Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its sixth session, member of the Board of Trustees of the Supreme Authority for the Development of the Hail Region for its first session, member of the Board of Directors of Saudi Chambers 1423-1427 AH, Chairman of the Committee for the Care of Prisoners, Their Families and Released Persons in Hail Region.

Since I specialize in management “business management and marketing”, it comes to mind that the medical field is the specialty of doctors, and this is a correct and logical view. In 1404 AH, the level of health in the region was very modest at the end of 1403 AH, the beginnings of Al-Ahly’s establishment, as there are only three private clinics with primitive capabilities, according to the prevailing climate. Ideas crowded in my head, prompted by the feeling of the necessity of having health and medical capabilities that meet the different needs of the citizens of the region, and I am one of them. It is natural as a result of the real feeling of suffering … and the formation of a distinguished medical idea and experience, which encouraged us to equip Al-Ahly Medical with advanced equipment that includes many departments and medical devices on the latest technologies and training A team working in all medical and support specialties. Al-Ahly has been striving for the gradual and studied development in order to be one of the most important health centers at the level of the region and even at the level of the Kingdom in terms of equipment, performance and results that every reviewer touches and with a distinguished medical record, as all services are available in the various clinics and support departments such as radiology, laboratories and pharmacy To provide service 24 hours a day throughout the year and extend its services to nursing patients in homes and provinces upon request Huge capabilities have been prepared to fulfill this commitment out of the keenness of the believer who aspires to the promise always immersed in the feelings of glory that are glorified by trust in God Almighty... and that every diligent person has a share of success and we have many hopes and goals for development to serve the country and our references, who is our "first concern" and the goal of our services. To be among the forerunners to introduce the advanced medical practices and technologies of our region within the medical field in an era in which discoveries and research struggle to serve man. This is our duty...and we are proud to adopt this role from the principles of religion, true citizenship, professionalism in the field of the profession, and devotion to it. Honesty of conscience... May God help us to serve people in a manner that pleases Him. He is All-Hearing and Responsive