Otolaryngology Department

The specialist doctor supervises the following medical conditions:

Vertigo – sore throat

Tinnitus – otosclerosis

Hearing impairment – allergic rhinitis

– Scoliosis of the nasal septum – Treatment of fungus in the ear

– tonsillitis – bleeding from the nose

– External ear infections – Middle ear infection

– smell disorders – sinus infections

– Hoarseness

– Diagnosis of nasal sacs – nasal polyps in adults

– Cases of ear bone decay – Accumulation of wax material in the ear

– Nasopharyngeal diet in children

– Bringing in vaccinations to treat allergies from abroad.

Sleep disturbances (such as snoring, sleep apnea)

– Follow-up cases of perforation of the eardrum (resulting from infections or resulting from exposure to external stimuli).

Nasal allergy tests and treatment by sublingual pollen drops (French product)

medical equipments :

ear aspirator
Ear washer
Ear microscope
Nosebleed cautery device
Endoscopy of the nose and paranasal sinuses
Laryngoscopy and vocal cords
Hearing aid and ear pressure unit
Machines for extracting foreign bodies from the ear, nose and throat
Small specialized machines for examining the ear, nose and throat
Hearing scan device for newborns (echo screen device)