Pediatric Department

The department detects and follows up critical children’s cases, works on caring for public health, provides advice, education and guidance to parents, in addition to following up on newborns, following up on their growth, giving preventive vaccinations and conducting the necessary examinations for them.

medical services :

Providing rapid services for all emergency cases

Newborn cases such as:

Cases of indigestion and reflux esophagitis.

Follow-up evidence of growth and make nutrition programs.

– Physiological and pathological cases of jaundice.

Birth defects, deformities and genetic diseases.

Providing and supervising the necessary vaccinations.

Treatment of chest diseases.

– Treatment of diseases of the skeletal system.

– Treatment of gland problems and children’s diabetes.

– Treatment of heart disease.

– Treatment of blood diseases, allergies and children’s bone problems.

The pediatric clinic also provides the best advice and responds to all pediatric medical consultations, such as:
– Breastfeeding and child feeding and how to deal with the newborn.

– Tips about bones and types of food.