dermatology, cosmetology, laser and hair transplant department

Dermatology services:

– Treatment of Psoriasis

– Vitiligo

– Eczema

– young love

– Alopecia

– Urticaria

– Lupus erythematosus

Skin problems

Bacterial and fungal infections

– Raising ingrown nails

– Lifting warts and polyps

– birthmarks

Fire belt

– Smallpox

– And other diseases of the skin, hair and nails


Beauty unit services:

– Botox: to remove facial wrinkles and treat excessive sweating and migraine

– Fillers: for filling lips, cheeks, texas, and other uses

– Mesotherapy: for skin and hair to add a touch of vitality to the skin.

– Stem cells: to rejuvenate, lighten, remove melasma, and strengthen hair.

Cosmetic threads: to remove wrinkles, lift the face, and raise eyebrows.

Platelet Rich Plasma: for freshness and vitality of the skin.

Scar cutting: to reduce and remove the effects of scars.

Chemical peeling

Hair bleaching: for the face or eyebrows

– Laser hair removal: to remove unwanted hair from the body for women and men.

– Fractional laser: to treat skin pores, remove scars and acne scars.

– Laser tattoo removal.

– Lightening sensitive areas.

– Lightening sensitive areas and the knee.

– Unification of skin color

Stretch marks treatment

– Skin rejuvenation

Freshness masks

– Fish-eye removal

Vitamins for the skin

– Slimming needles and weight loss

Hair transplant services:

– Hair transplantation by extraction

– Hair transplantation using the chip technique

– Chin implantation by extraction or slide

– Eyebrow transplantation

Platelet-rich plasma for the treatment of hereditary hair loss

Treatment of genetic and non-genetic hair loss

– Treatment of scalp diseases and rare medical conditions

– Treatment of alopecia of all kinds

Vitamins for skin and hair

Medical devices, we are interested in providing the latest devices and technologies at a high level:

– Laser Gentle Pro Max: The latest and most common Gentle device known to remove unwanted hair and remove varicose veins and blood vessels.

– Laser Elite: a device for removing unwanted hair, which is characterized by cooling the treated area with cold air.

– CO2 laser device: Fractional laser with high efficiency and guaranteed results to remove scars and acne scars to get fresher and brighter skin.

– Siton laser device: Fractional laser with high efficiency and guaranteed results for skin tightening and freshness.

– Revlite device: a laser device for bleaching facial hair and eyebrows

– Ultraviolet rays for hands, legs and the whole body

– Ultraviolet device for the body

– A device for removing pimples and blackheads

Laser devices for skin treatment

Electrocautery device

Cryotherapy device