Dental, Prosthodontics and Cosmetics Department

The dental department is one of the advanced departments whose equipment is constantly updated. The department includes specialists with a high level of competence, including performing oral surgeries, dental prostheses, and processing fixed and mobile parts. In addition to the department’s role in spreading public awareness of the importance of maintaining oral and dental health, the department also has an integrated laboratory. At the highest level of installation work.

The department provides general and specialized preventive and curative services to Al-Ahly Medical Complex patients. The services provided by the department include the following:

– Emergency

Preventive and general dental care

Specialized dental services, which include:

– Treatment of diseases of the gums and tissues surrounding the teeth:

It is concerned with diagnosing and treating gum diseases of all kinds, such as infections and gum deformities, carrying out appropriate treatment, cleaning teeth, removing limescale, cutting and dental implants.

Pediatric dentistry:

​It is concerned with the prevention and treatment of children’s teeth from birth until early adolescence, and includes maintaining the teeth intact in their correct places, treating caries in milk and permanent teeth, early orthodontic treatment, and working to protect the teeth by making preventive fillings.

– Treatment of the roots and nerves of the teeth:

It is concerned with treating the pulp of the tooth (the nerve) by removing the damaged nerve and cleaning the nerve channels completely using special tools, then drying the channels and filling them with a suitable filling. This process takes place in one session or more, depending on the severity of the inflammation.

Dental replacement:

It is concerned with the replacement of missing teeth or the treatment of dilapidated and broken teeth, by using appropriate industrial alternatives such as veneers, fixed bridges of various types, and movable dental prostheses.

Conservative treatment:

A branch of dentistry concerned with rebuilding and restoring decayed and fractured teeth and restoring them to their normal shape using dental fillings.

– The mouth and teeth’s health :

This branch is concerned with raising the level of oral and dental health by activating a preventive plan to maintain oral and dental health for children and adults.

General dentistry:

In it, the doctor performs all types of treatment, including fillings, nerve removal, treatment of children’s teeth, prosthodontics, and gum treatment in beginner cases, but if the cases are advanced, they are referred.​

Medical Equipments :

ZOOM 3 teeth whitening device

The Zoom device technology works by stimulating the whitening substance that is placed on the teeth, which consists mainly of hydrogen peroxide gel (gel). When this compound is disintegrated through chemical reactions and stimulation from the flash technology, the oxygen element penetrates into the depths of the microscopic pores in the enamel layer, and it whitens the colored materials. located inside the pores of the teeth, and thus the whitening process is completed without prejudice to the installation of the parts of the teeth.

Light Cure optical filling device

A device that hardens optical fillings using ultraviolet rays.

Amalgmotor mixing device

This device vibrates at a high speed, which leads to the mixing of the permanent filling material.

X-ray machine

It emits x-rays that penetrate the teeth and bones to be captured through the digital x-ray film of modern digital devices, and the image of the teeth and their surroundings appears after processing on the computer screen.


It develops the rays automatically by placing the film in the place designated for it in the device in less than a minute.

Retary device

He digs the tooth, cleans and expands the canals (cleansing the nerve pulp from the inflamed tissues using small files of different sizes and shapes).

Sirona laser device

Works on cutting the gums, sterilizing the nerve channels, supplying the gums, and minor surgeries.

The devices in the dental laboratory are as follows:

Cad/Cam device

It is the technology of working with the help of a computer and a three-dimensional digital camera (that is, the design and manufacture of the tooth is done by computer).

Cad cam oven device

It converts chalky materials into solid zircon

Vacumate ceramic kiln

There are two ceramic furnaces that convert dental materials from a chalky texture to a solid texture (porcelain).

Empress device

It works on injecting the ingots and converting the waxy substance into the veneers (lenses).


This device vibrates at high speed which removes air bubbles remaining inside the dental molds as they are being cast

Sand blaster

Shoots a stream of sand to clean metal surfaces

Lathe lathe

This device rotates at a high speed and is used to polish the surfaces of dentures and teeth

Grinder tooth motor

This device consists of a motor and a hand grip. Its work is similar to that of a hand grip. It is used for the purpose of removing excesses from the surfaces of dentures and teeth.


Similar to a dental engine, but more efficient