General Medicine, Surgery and Emergency Department

The surgery and emergency team consists of a number of specialists and general practitioners with high efficiency and full readiness within 24 hours. There is a special room for emergency with emergency medicines, as well as bandages and a heart resuscitation device, as well as suction devices, laryngeal and chest tubes, and other life-saving equipment, God willing, to receive emergency cases and provide first aid. Initial and quick examinations to diagnose the condition and start the necessary treatment, then transfer it to the specialist in Al Ahly or to the hospital in a fully equipped ambulance accompanied by a doctor and nurse.

Emergency unit:

Bone fractures and joint dislocations through the orthopedic clinic

Complications of diabetes (decrease or excess) by an internal medicine specialist.

– Accidents (household, roads, burns, falls).

All types of colic (intestinal, renal, and uterine for women).

High temperatures (bacterial or viral infection: (throat or respiratory tract).

– In addition to all other surgical or internal emergencies.

Surgery unit:


– Refills.

– Tapping wounds.

Benign skin tumors.

Skin infections and abscesses.

Early detection of breast tumors.

– Pharmacotherapy for some surgical cases (hemorrhoids).

– In addition to other minor surgical cases.

General Medicine Unit:

– Simple bronchitis.

Simple cases of urinary tract infections.

Simple upper respiratory infections.

Gastrointestinal diseases that do not need a specialist (gastric infections and mild gastroenteritis).

medical equipments :

Shock device.

– Monitor device.

– The electric coagulator.

– Withdraw the detachments.

In addition to simple surgical tools and other tools that help in first aid.