Our History


This group, consisting of several specialized medical companies, was established in 1404 AH, corresponding to 1984 AD, to serve the people of the Hail region in all medical aspects at the highest level. It has not been available to others since 1404 AH, and it will continue, God willing. This period permeated several leaps and accompanied the development in modern medicine inside and outside the Kingdom in developed countries, which is what it has reached now. The general administration of the group aims to be one of the oldest and oldest medical complexes in Hail and the most advanced currently with pride, with the testimony of several official, academic and international bodies. It has been keen on the excellence and efficiency of the medical service and the quality of performance over the past years Currently, there are many distinguished services in Al-Ahly and its facilities. The general goal of an individual institution that was founded on solid foundations and a very large capital, and praise be to God, is to serve the people of the region and positively influence the health of the community in the Hail region in the medical field and the following governorates, cities, villages and abandonment, and the administration seeks to develop itself It aims for a long-term investment, measured by ((If you are fine and I am fine, then everyone, God willing, is fine)) in spirit and application of the noble hadith: “None of you believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.”

Therefore, our vision is to be the first choice for providing medical and therapeutic services and consultations in the field of health care in the Hail region

And our mission is excellence in medical procedures and the continuation of building customer confidence in us periodically and benefiting from our expertise to reflect positively on society

Our charter is to provide health care services in accordance with the best standards and practices to suit and achieve the aspirations of our customers.

Al-Ahly Medical.