Orthopedics and fracture splints Department

In this section, the following cases are detected and followed up:

– Treatment of roughness of the knee.

– Treatment of tendinitis cases.

– Treatment of joint pain.

– Treatment of osteoporosis diseases.

Early detection of some types of tumors and directing them to the appropriate places.

– Treatment of diseases of the spine (slipped disc), cervical and lower back.

– Treatment of bone diseases resulting from a deficiency in some minerals and vitamins needed for the body.

– Treatment of some children’s diseases such as rickets and sciatic dislocation, with guidance to the competent places if necessary.

– Treating fractures resulting from injuries and accidents, with directing some cases to the competent places if necessary.

Medical interventions in the orthopedic department:

Minor surgical interventions.


* Injecting tendons around the shoulder joints.

* Injecting the tendons around the elbow joint.

* Injecting tendons in the heel joint.

* Injecting the tendons around the wrist joint.

* Injecting the tendons in the fingers of the hand.

* Injection in cases of knee roughness using oil needles, plasma.

Gypsum and splint interventions:

* canoe.

*below the elbow.

* above the elbow.

* Above the knee.

*below the knee.

* Gypsum lifting.