Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Department

In the Department of Natural Medicine, the specialist doctor supervises the treatment of the following cases:

Rheumatic pains

– Rehabilitation of diseases of the nervous system and paralysis (paraplegia, total paralysis, paralysis of births, Parkinson’s disease).

– Rheumatic diseases such as (rheumatoid disease – lupus erythematosus, etc.).

Joint diseases such as (roughness of the knees – rheumatic arthritis, etc.).

– Treatment of cartilage pain and sciatica.

– Treatment and rehabilitation of cases after fractures and injuries.

Back and neck pain.

Muscle and joint pain.

Sports stadium injuries.

medical equipments :

Ultra sound device

– Neuroimaging device for diagnosing cases of nerve suffocation

Laser device for making sessions (Laser)

Electrotherapy device

– Analgesic current device (TENS)

– Traction device for lumbar and cervical vertebrae

– Heating device (heating pads) (Hot Pack)

Hot magner device

Infrared lamp

Electric massage device

Ice pillows (Cold Pack)

shock wave device

Quadriceps bench

Overhead pully -Pulley weight-

Shoulder white -Finger leader-
Stationary bike -Ankle weight-

– Manipulation board -Parallel bar

Balancing board -Stair-

Walker canes -Exercice ball-

Standing frame-