Internal & Gastroenterology Department

In this section, the specialist doctor supervises the treatment of the following cases:


– Blood diseases .

Diseases of the digestive system and liver.

Diseases of thyroid function disorders.

– Vitamin deficiency diseases such as (vitamin D, minerals, iron, etc.).

Respiratory system :

– Diseases of the upper respiratory tract: such as the common cold, sore throat and tonsils, ear infection, and sinusitis.

– Diseases of the lower respiratory tract: such as the bronchi, bronchi, and pneumonia.

Digestive :

– constipation.

Oral and gum infections.

– Inflammation of the stomach and colon.

– Inflammation of the urinary tract .

Anemia cases of all kinds.

Simple and medium gastroenteritis.

Early detection of renal cysts and birth defects.

– Diseases of the esophagus such as (lower esophageal infections, GERD, etc…).

Liver diseases (such as fatty hepatitis, viral hepatitis A, B, and C).

Diseases of the stomach and duodenum, such as acute and chronic gastritis, vomiting.

Gallbladder diseases such as (stones, infections of the gallbladder and biliary tracts, diagnosis and follow-up of gallbladder tumors, etc.)

– Diseases of the colon and small intestine such as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis as a result of imbalances in the immune system, gastroenteritis, indigestion, etc…).

medical equipments :

Endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract, in addition to the use of laboratory and x-ray services.